4 your eyez only

How’s it going world?

Everything is a process, I know this, I know this. Just stick to my plans, stay focused on my goals and somewhere along the line as I daydream through the days and forget the long nights I’ll end up there just like when I’m on a long drive and I space out; on auto pilot, I eventually end up at my destination.

I don’t plan to fade into obscurity; I don’t believe anyone wants to do that, but I’ve never felt so alive knowing this path that I’m on can make or break me. I’m 100% content with that, my life my choices.

 I constantly remind myself to quit being an individual though and to expand my ways of thinking. But hey, if I disappear off the “social media” map or become the definition of obscurity I’m fine with that, Just know I’m living my life.

Actually pressed for time so I’ll wrap this up.

I still feel like there’s not enough time in the day, or that I’m running out of time, wasting time, need time away or maybe it’s time to get it together? Either way time doesn’t seem to be a friend of mine lately so I try to go with the flow of life, but the currents are too strong when negativity is present.

Everyday I think about time and where I fit in time, what I’ve done with my time, and when I’ll be out of it seems to be the main thought of mine. Since I’m still embracing all there is to know about fatherhood and let’s face it, no one really wants to be out of time, but time isn’t always considering people’s best interests last I checked. You’re either taking advantage of time or time takes you. I do know every time my angel smiles at me though, time stops.

I never understood what love was until I became a father.

Look, there’s no doubt in my mind that on this quest I’m on to evolve as a person that there will be multiple “hiccups” that’s life, but what needs to be worked on is all the times I let people and things get to me way more than they should have.

Time can do wonders and still break you down when you realize you’re either where you want to be or far from it.

Until next time.

(J.cole. 4 your eyez only)


One thought on “4 your eyez only

  1. Only if time was on our side or we had more time or people wouldn’t waste time maybe we’re on borrowed time cause it seems the world consumes our time and gives us a piece of it. It seems like yesterday i was young and today i woke up an adult and now its time to face life. When your younger time seems to be on your side you havw everything planned out, it’s easier to follow through but once age sets in time goes away and we have less of it less time to accomplish our goals less time to live less time to love less time to enjoy because we are to busy fighting against lost time.

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