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1st; I’m sure my titles are a dead giveaway that I’m a music head.

“Life is a feeling process, even on this quest to evolve as a person”

You have to experience multiple things to understand where you are and currently headed and I say this because I really feel like this deployment coming up will test me in ways I never imagined myself going through, although I’m being pretty hopeful that the impact on my life will be all positive ones, I’m well aware that the life we live is never accommodating to requests.

So I’m in this mindset of trying to speak to everyone I’m deploying with which is becoming a major issue for me because I’m really on this solo dolo lifestyle something tough, so with that said, trying to balance a social life on top of that is harder than i thought it would be with me being such a private person. I’m pretty much pushing myself out of my comfort zone, even though i never had an issue with leaving it in the first place.

Can a comfort zone be called or caused by complacency?

I always feel like I’m capable of so much more in life and at the same time I’ve noticed I tend to limit myself, knowing I’m good at many things in life just because I don’t know where to start. I need to accept and start doing these things I love, that’s life to me, doing what you love at all times, staying true to your desires, wants and needs.

Anyways I’m in the process of getting it together because happiness is the mission that’s not impossible and since I’m not that person who is stressing trying to get to the good life, I’m simply stressing trying to make my life good.

Also, I plan to post every week if possible once I get overseas for the year

(Drake. More life)


One thought on “More life

  1. Im always wondering if god hears me or if im too late from everything ive done or endured. But it some weird way he answers me when i wake up everyday when he allows me to break the barriers that hold me back. This society is a test that will weed out the strong and drown the weak. We need clear visions to see the destination of our journey. But society makes it easy to fog your mind with social media and negative news its set up for certain people to fail but its not up to society its up to god and ourselves.

    Sincerly brokem black girl

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