True to Self

I want to


write a book

This has been a long time goal of mine, and a serious one that doesn’t come as easy since it’s a test of commitment and patience, aka; the two things in my life that I can rarely get to fall in line these days in the first place.

One thing I can ABSOLUTELY promise is that this world is full of distractions because every time I think I know where I want start/end and figure out how to make the stuff in-between make sense.. I end up at a Starbucks, swiping through Instagram double tapping things that don’t matter.

I hate society, makes it hard not to get side tracked

I low key been trying to talk to / find god to pray for myself, but sometimes I feel like im 24 years too late with all the things I’ve done and been through I feel like if there is a god he/she/it would be like,

“what happened? What happened to you?”

I wonder if anyone else has that thought

Self-righteous but I’m dead wrong on a lot that’s for certain, but I’ll always remain true to myself.

(Bryson Tiller. True to self)


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