Name one writer who doesn’t hate writers block, and I’ll stop posting about my life.

Usually I just grab my Dre Beats when my thoughts start to get so crazy that I can’t recap my life, but two months later, here’s my struggle, I mean update.

I’m living my life although I’m a very isolated person. It’ll catch up to me in the end but I don’t focus on having friends, I focus on myself now more than ever. (Not to sound like a broken record because I’ve talked about this before) I love staying to myself, not explaining myself to anyone and living a detached life – distant from social media – more in tune with my wants, needs and goals.

I recommend more people do that.

Find yourself. Focus on yourself. Be comfortable with yourself. Better yourself.

I don’t know why but I’ve noticed social networks bring out the lies and causes headaches that no amount of prescription drug can suppress. I simply can’t fall into that again because the consequences is what I’ll get in return for lying to myself.

On a more important note, I’ve been training with my unit for our upcoming deployment that I’ve mentioned before for half of June & July, and every year, (today to be exact) reality sinks in more than usual since this time around I’m now 25.

Damn.. 25, the perfect time to take it easy, pause time, rewind my life and play over every choice and experience I’ve gone through to make sure I’m going in the right direction.
I suppose following a routine makes it easy to forget to enjoy life and the time I have. Tunnel vision, so wrapped up in a routine that I forget to break away from that cycle.

I want to change location, maybe then I can change my ways.. side bar // Ever notice how irritating or serious a conversation can become when someone who’s never called you by your real name does just that?

I’m all over the place, music got me feeling some type of way about life so Ill end with exposing my train of thought a bit more;
I’ve spent my life subconsciously wondering what’s possibly missing in my life, a void of some sort, from thinking I’m not good enough, and doubting myself becomes so easy when people are quick to ignore you, point fingers to you, and then turn around and admire you ? That can mess with anyone mentally.

Things are going to change, no longer forcing anything and letting things fall in place, just hope it doesn’t result in me falling flat on my face picking up the pieces again

(Drake. Signs)


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